AR# 71948


UpdateMEM/SDK 2018.3 Design Advisory – Tactical patch for functionality issues caused by incorrect MicroBlaze and MicroBlaze MCS MMI file generation


This Design Advisory describes an issue that prevents customers from using 2018.3 SDK or UpdateMEM to update BRAMs with ELF file data for a MicroBlaze and MicroBlaze MCS processor. 

Due to problems with the MMI file generation, the application will not load or run on the MicroBlaze.

Affected by this issue:

  • Any Customer using UpdateMEM with an MMI file. This includes running UpdateMEM, and using the Program "FPGA SDK" option when the affected MMI file is used.

Not affected by this issue:

  • Customers using a bootloop application via the System Debugger to populate the design.
  • Customers using Vivado to initialize BRAMs of the MicroBlaze and MicroBlaze MCS Processor
  • Customers using Xilinx IPs containing MicroBlaze or MicroBlaze MCS, for example, MIG, IBERT, etc.

The MMI file generated by the 2018.3 release of Vivado has been found to contain incorrect bitlane information. 

This issue will cause incorrect BRAM initialization of the MicroBlaze memory when using the UpdateMEM flow or SDK to program the FPGA. 

The issue results in the processor not executing the application code.

The error is not present when the MicroBlaze or MicroBlaze MCS design is populated by the bootloop application, so the System Debugger can be used to load the memory and debug applications.


A tactical patch has been generated to resolve this issue. This issue will also be resolved for the 2019.1 version of Vivado.

For instructions on applying the patch, please see (Xilinx Answer 66722).


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AR# 71948
Date 02/14/2019
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