AR# 72000


AXI CAN-FD Linux driver does not work for Flexible Datarate


The CAN-FD Linux driver does not work as per FD specifications for bit rates above 1Mbps.

FD support issues have been identified in the driver:


The CAN-FD Linux driver has the following issues:

1) It is using phase segment 1 of the arbitration phase instead of the data phase to calculate BTR:

btr1 = dbt->prop_seg + bt->phase_seg1 - 1;

2) It is shifting phase segment 2 based on CAN instead of CAN FD:

btr1 |= (dbt->phase_seg2 - 1) << XCAN_BTR_TS2_SHIFT;

3) It is shifting SJW based on CAN instead of CAN FD:

btr1 |= (dbt->sjw - 1) << XCAN_BTR_SJW_SHIFT;

Attached is a CAN FD driver patch which has been tested thoroughly with FD for various bit rates above 1Mbps.

These issues are noted with the CAN-FD software driver from PetaLinux 2017.2 up to the 2018.3 release.

The driver issue is due to be fixed in the 2019.1 version, kernel 4.19.


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AR# 72000
Date 03/25/2019
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