AR# 72053

UltraScale and UltraScale+ PCI Express (Vivado 2018.3) - How can I set MCAP_FPGA_BITSTREAM_VERSION for Tandem?


The UltraScale+ Integrated Block for PCI Express IP allows the user to set the MCAP_FPGA_BITSTREAM_VERSION in the IP GUI as seen below:


Currently, no other PCIe IP solutions allow MCAP_FPGA_BITSTREAM_VERSION to be updated in the IP GUI.


To set this value, use the following set_property command to modify the MCAP_FPGA_BITSTREAM_VERSION on the Tandem Enabled PCIe Hardblock:

set_property MCAP_FPGA_BITSTREAM_VERSION 32'hDEADBEEF [get_cells -of_objects [get_sites -filter {NAME =~ PCIE*} -of_objects [get_pblocks *_Stage1_main]]]

Note: 32'hDEADBEEF should be replaced with a value of your choice.

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AR# 72053
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