AR# 72176

SDK, Bootgen - Offset attribute does not work using HSM mode


The offset attribute for partitions using the HSM mode as described in (UG1283) does not get applied:

    [bootimage] fsbl_ac.bin
    [bootimage] pmufw_ac.bin
    [bootimage] bl31_ac.bin
    [bootimage, offset=0xa0000] u-boot_ac.bin
00001280 Len: 00000040 Res: 000006c0 "PartitionHeader Null"
00001940 Len: 00000ec0 Res: 00000000 "ImageHeaderTable.sha384"
00002800 Len: 0001c1c0 Res: 00000000 "zynqmp_fsbl.elf.0"
0001e9c0 Len: 00013040 Res: 00000000 "pmufw.elf.0"
00031a00 Len: 00001bc0 Res: 00000000 "pmufw.elf.1"
000335c0 Len: 000012c0 Res: 00000000 "pmufw.elf.2"
00034880 Len: 0000d6c0 Res: 00000000 "bl31.elf.0"
00041f40 Len: 000cd5c0 Res: 00000000 "u-boot.elf.0"


The issue will be fixed in the 2019.1 release.

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AR# 72176
Date 04/26/2019
Status Active
Type Known Issues