AR# 72221

DisplayPort RX/TX Subsystem – The KCU105 example design application displays color disruption on monitor in pass-through mode


In pass-through mode, the KCU105 + TED DP1.2 FMC card based DisplayPort RX/TX example design is displaying a video output with some disruption on the monitor.

What is the root cause for this issue and how can I resolve it?


This is an issue with the VDMA parameters, which are set incorrectly in the hardware (Vivado) design.

The following steps can be used to solve this issue:

1) Open the block diagram of the DisplayPort example design in Vivado.

2) Run the following command in the Tcl console (Corrects the VDMA parameters).

set_property -dict [list CONFIG.c_enable_mm2s_delay_counter {0}  CONFIG.c_enable_mm2s_frm_counter {0}  CONFIG.c_enable_s2mm_delay_counter {0} CONFIG.c_enable_s2mm_frm_counter {0}] [get_bd_cells axi_vdma_0]

3) Save the design.

4) Re-implement the complete project and generate a new bitstream.

5) Export hardware and launch SDK.

6) Follow the SDK steps below:

  1. Create a BSP and import the KCU105 DisplayPort example design
  2. Modify dppt.h as outlined below to compile the design correctly.



/standalone_bsp_0_xdprxss_kcu105_1/src line 119 


/standalone_bsp_0_xdprxss_kcu105_1/src line 115 


This issue will be fixed in the 2019.1 release.

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AR# 72221
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