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Video Processing Subsystem v2.0 - PG231 - Why does the SDK project for the example design fail to generate in the 2018.3 release and later versions?


Prior to the 2018.3 release, the Example Design Software was created by using the Tcl flow described in chapter 5 of (PG231) published on and before January 2019.

In 2018.3 and later, the Example Design is created by using the SDK flow (imported from the BSP).
This updated flow for the VPSS will be included in the next version of the VPSS doc ( v2.1, published in May 2019).
Please see below for flow instructions pre and post 2018.3.


Flow before 2018.3:







Flow after 2018.3:




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AR# 72233
Date 07/08/2019
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