AR# 72349


2018.3-2019.1 Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC: Unable to mount JFFS2 filesystem with single flash configuration


When using a board with a single flash configuration, it is not possible to mount the JFFS2 filesystem (although it is still possible to boot from flash with the initramfs filesystem). 

The attached bootlogs show the process getting stuck when trying to mount the JFFS2 file system. 


Because dual-flash configuration is used by default on Xilinx evaluation boards, in PetaLinux we can only set an 8k erase block size, and cannot set the 4k erase block size that is required for single flash configuration.

There is currently no work-around in place for this issue. 

The mkfs.jffs2 command will be augmented with support for a 4K erase block size in the 2019.2 release.


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AR# 72349
Date 05/29/2019
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