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Queue DMA subsystem for PCI Express (PCIe) (Vivado 2019.1) - Tcl options for additional IP features


The QDMA IP GUI provides IP configuration options for user to select from, but some options are not exposed for various reasons. 

This answer record lists those options.

The listed options can be used if needed as a Tcl command to generate a custom QDMA IP.


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The following is an example Tcl command that can be used in the Vivado Tcl console:

set_property -dict [list CONFIG.parameter {value}] [get_ips ip_name]

For example:

set_property -dict [list CONFIG.master_cal_only {true}] [get_ips qdma_0]

Parameters are listed in the QDMA Tcl parameter column below and values are listed in the Possible Values column:




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AR# 72352
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