AR# 72400


2019.1 Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC: Yocto XRT and ZOCL commit IDs are out of sync


In the 2019.1 release, the XRT commit ID was updated but not the zocl recipe which is using the same repository. 

As a result, the ZOCL driver and XRT commit ID are out of sync.


To work around this issue, the zocl recipe should use the SRCREV to commit id "3c9a754da97f20db54756f1d2b00bc22e4410007". 

Below are the steps you need to follow.

1) Create a zocl_%.bbappend file in your distribution layer (in this example it is meta-petalinux) as shown below.

$ mkdir <PATH-TO-LAYER>/meta-petalinux/recipes-xrt/zocl/
$ vim <PATH-TO-LAYER>/meta-petalinux/recipes-xrt/zocl/zocl_%.bbappend

2) Modify the zocl_%.bbappend file with the below content:

# zocl_%.bbappend content
SRCREV = "3c9a754da97f20db54756f1d2b00bc22e4410007"

3) Clean the zocl sstate cache and rebuild the zocl recipes:

$ bitbake zocl -c cleansstate
$ bitbake zocl
AR# 72400
Date 05/29/2019
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