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Xilinx Documentation Navigator - Catalog update is no longer possible with 2018.3 and earlier versions of Documentation Navigator


Due to a change on, 2018.3 and earlier versions of Documentation Navigator will no longer allow the user to update the documentation catalog starting in late August 2019.

As shown in the following screenshot, the catalog update button will become orange and show Check Catalog Status when you open Documentation Navigator or when you click the catalog refresh button. 

You will also no longer be able to open the Catalog Manager dialog.




2019.1 and newer versions of Documentation Navigator:

This behavior can appear temporarily in the 2019.1 and later versions of Documentation Navigator.

If you are using version 2019.1 or later, do not apply this update. The issue will resolve itself within a few hours.  

2018.3 and earlier versions of Documentation Navigator:

The solution is to download the new files (listed below) and copy them to the application directory using the following instructions:

1) Close Documentation Navigator if it is open.

2) Locate the Documentation Navigator application directory. The default application directory is:  C:\Xilinx\DocNav.

3) Using the table below, do the following:

  1. Download the correct file for your version of Documentation Navigator.
  2. In the application directory, find the files you need to replace and append .backup to the file name (for example, docnav.exe.backup) to create a backup.
  3. Copy the replacement files from the zip file into the application directory


Operating system
Version of Documentation Navigator
Download file
Files to replace
2017.1 through 2018.3
2014.3 through 2016.4
Versions 2014.2 and earlier
All versions


4) Restart Documentation Navigator.




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AR# 72554
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