AR# 72555

HDMI 1.4/2.0 Transmitter/Receiver Subsystem v3.1 - How do I run the example design if I have a ZCU106 or ZCU102 with a newer DIMM?


DIMM parts have been updated for some of the ZCU102 and ZCU106 development boards. 

As a result a different flow is required for the HDMI bare metal example designs. For more information about the DIMM changes see (Xilinx Answer 71961).

If you are running the default example design and you do not see any UART output, it is likely you have a DIMM that requires the updated flow to run correctly.


The HDMI example design suggests building this flow through SDK. In this flow, you will not have an FSBL.

To switch from PMU_INIT.tcl to an FSBL, you can create a script to use by following the steps below.

  1. Follow the HDMI example design to create the elf.

  2. After creating the elf, create an FSBL.
    1. To create an FSBL in SDK, select New Application Project
    2. Make sure that the application is targeting the correct processor. (A53_0/R5_0/Etc)
    3. Name the application fsbl and select next.
    4. After selecting next, select the Zynq MP FSBL option and click finish.
    5. Next, build in SDK. This will create an FSBL named fsbl.elf located in the Debug folder of FSBL.

  1. Create a script to run with the following content. (xsdb.tcl)

#connect to JTAG
#program FPGA
fpga -no-revision-check -f ../v_hdmi_tx_ss_0_ex.runs/impl_1/exdes_wrapper.bit
targets -set -filter {name =~ "PSU"}
mwr 0xffca0038 0x1ff
after 500
#connect to A53 0 processor
targets -set -filter {name =~ "Cortex-A53 #0"}
rst -processor
#download FSBL and let it run for 5000 so that it has time to complete
dow ./fsbl.elf
after 5000
#download application
dow ../v_hdmi_tx_ss_0_ex.sdk/standalone_bsp_0_Passthrough_A53_1/Debug/standalone_bsp_0_Passthrough_A53_1.elf

  1. Open XSCT

  2. From XSCT source your script:
source xsdb.tcl

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