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LogiCORE IP Video Processing Subsystem (VPSS) - Why can I not see the option 'Use UltraRAM for Line Buffers' in the configuration GUI of the IP in Vivado 2019.1?


The Option to use UltraRAM for Line Buffers is listed in (PG231), but it is not available in the GUI.

Vivado 2019.1:


Vivado 2018.3:



The UltraRAM utilization impact on LUTs and FIFOs is now higher due to changes in Vivado.

As a result, tool changes will be required before UltraRAM can be enabled in the HLS IPs.

Until these changes are made, it is not recommended to enable UltraRAM in HLS IPs.

The 'Use UltraRAM for Line Buffers' option is only available in Vivado versions up to 2018.3 and on some specific boards, as not all boards contain UltraRAM (Please see below for the list of devices).

For reference:

Across all families (CG/EV/EG):

  • ZU2/ZU3/ZU6/ZU9 Do not have UltraRAM
  • ZU4/ZU5/ZU7/ZU11/ZU15/ZU17/ZU19 Have UltraRAM

reference: (link)

For boards:

  • ZCU102 has a ZU9 EG part -> No UltraRAM
  • ZCU104/ZCU106 have a ZU7 EV -> Have UltraRAM

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AR# 72592
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