AR# 72640


Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card - Card might not return after PCI Express In-Band Hot reset on AMD EPYC Host


This article applies to all Alveo Data Center Accelerator Cards (U200, U250, U280-ES1, U280, U50).

When a PCI Express in-band hot reset is issued to the Card in an AMD EPYC Host, the card might not retrain.

If this occurs it will no longer appear in LSPCI and be unavailable to accelerated applications.


The Xilinx runtime (XRT) NOR Shell drivers issue this command autonomously. 

However, users should avoid use of the following commands:

xbutil reset
xbmgmt reset

These commands can trigger the above condition when the card is installed in an AMD EPYC host.

If this condition is triggered, a warm reboot will be required to recover the card.

AR# 72640
Date 08/12/2019
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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