AR# 72645


UltraScale+ GTM - Instructions for migrating to Vivado 2019.1.2/2019.1.3


The Vivado 2019.1.2 release which went live on August 14th, 2019, includes a known issue impacting VU27P and VU29P designs which causes Vivado to crash when opening a synthesized or implemented design. 


Customers targeting VU27P and VU29P devices should not move to Vivado 2019.1.2, but instead move directly from Vivado 2019.1.1 to Vivado 2019.1.3.

Please contact your local I/O Specialist FAE or open a request through the Xilinx Service Portal if additional information is needed.

AR# 72645
Date 09/09/2019
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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