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UltraScale/UltraScale+ PCI Express Integrated Block - Interrupt debug guide


This answer record provides an Interrupt Debug Document for the following IPs targeting UltraScale and UltraScale+ devices in a downloadable PDF to enhance its usability.
  • UltraScale FPGA Integrated Endpoint Block for PCI Express
  • UltraScale+ FPGA Integrated Endpoint Block for PCI Express
  • DMA/Bridge Subsystem for PCI express
  • AXI Bridge Subsystem or PCI express
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(Xilinx Answer 34536) Xilinx Solution Center for PCI Express


Please download the Ultrascale and Ultrascale+ PCIe Interrupt debug guide attached with this answer record.
This document provides the steps involved to initiate Legacy, MSI and MSI-x interrupts with different IP cores targeting UltraScale and UltraScale+ devices.

Please also refer to (Xilinx Answer 58495) which provides theoretical background and the steps to initiate Legacy and MSI interrupts with the 7 Series Integrated block IP core. 

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