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HDMI Example Design - Why do I hear audio glitches on the HDMI pass-through example design or TX example design?


When running the HDMI IP example design with an AOC monitor, I can hear audio glitches or jitter. 

How can I resolve this problem?


This is a known issue with the Audio ACR module generated by the HDMI IP example design.

The generated ACR parameters are not accurate enough, but most HDMI sinks can tolerate it.

The problem is only observed with AOC monitors.

  • Vivado 2019.1 - Users can download the patch in (Xilinx Answer 72754) to work around the problem
  • Vivado 2018.3 and earlier - Users are recommended to update to the latest Vivado version

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AR# 72812
Date 10/01/2019
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