AR# 73055


Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card - Ubuntu 18.04 - XRT installation fails or xbutil validate fails


XRT installed on Ubuntu has a pyopencl minimum version dependency (Python 2.7).

XRT will install the 2019 version of pyopencl, and will return an error if the 2015 version is installed.

Other xbutil / xbmgmt commands might successfully complete, but 'xbutil validate' will fail with the following:

#/opt/xilinx/xrt/bin/xbutil validate
INFO: Found 1 cards
INFO: Validating card[0]: xilinx_u200_xdma_201830_2
INFO: == Starting AUX power connector check:
INFO: == AUX power connector check PASSED
INFO: == Starting PCIE link check:
INFO: == PCIE link check PASSED
INFO: == Starting verify kernel test:
Host buffer alignment 4096 bytes
Compiled kernel = /opt/xilinx/dsa/xilinx_u200_xdma_201830_2/test/verify.xclbin
argument 1: <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>: Don't know how to convert parameter 1
ERROR: == verify kernel test FAILED
INFO: Card[0] failed to validate.
ERROR: Some cards failed to validate.
The xbutil status shows the card is out of range:
# xbutil status
INFO: Found total 1 card(s), 0 are usable
ERROR: Card index 0 is out of range

Alternatively, depending on how the python packages were originally loaded on to the Ubuntu system, XRT installation can fail.

  "ImportError: No module named pyopencl"

Please see the Solution section below for the additional installation steps needed.


Steps to resolve this issue:

1) Remove the XRT installation:

sudo apt remove xrt

Note: this will also remove any deployment or development shells on the system.

2) Remove the previous version of pyopencl:

sudo apt remove python-pyopencl

Note: if pyopencl was previously installed via pip rather than apt, this step will have no effect.

If you are unsure, there is no detrimental effect caused by running the command.

3) Update the pip installer:

sudo pip install --upgrade pip

4) Update pyopencl via the pip installation method:

sudo python -m pip install pyopencl 

5) Reinstall XRT and any deployment or development shells.

Follow the instructions in the Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card installation guide to reinstall XRT.

Note: The "Version Found" column lists the version where the problem was first discovered.

AR# 73055
Date 01/23/2020
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