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UHD-SDI GT v2.0 (Rev 1) - Patch Update for UHD-SDI GT in Vivado 2019.2


This answer record contains patch updates for the LogiCORE UHD-SDI GT v2.0 (Rev 1) in Vivado 2019.2.



This patch fixes an issue with the LogiCORE UHD-SDI GT v2.0 (Rev 1) in the Vivado 2019.2 design tools.

Patch Rev 3 (Xilinx Answer 75339)UHD-SDI GT v2.0 – Why is QPLL1 used when QPLL0 is selected on GTHE4 or GTYE4 at 12G-SDI?
(Xilinx Answer 75340)Why is the QPLL1 not connected to UHD-SDI GT on GTY at 12G-SDI?
Patch Rev 2(Xilinx Answer 73527)Why do I have synthesis issues when selecting the CPLL in Vivado 2019.2?
Patch Rev 1(Xilinx Answer 73174)Switching between PICXO and FRACXO has no impact on the ports of the core in Vivado 2019.2
(Xilinx Answer 73203)Why do I receive a Synthesis error when enabling 4 lanes in Vivado 2019.2?
(Xilinx Answer 73216)Why does synthesis fails in Vivado 2019.2 when the core is configured for HD-SDI, 3G-SDI or 6G-SDI?


See the individual Answer Records for details on which release they are fixed in.


Note: This patch will not be needed with Vivado 2020.1 and later versions.

Patch Installation:

Install the patch as per the instructions in the included README.txt file to resolve this issue.


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AR# 73173
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