AR# 73203


UHD-SDI GT v2.0 - Why do I receive a Synthesis error when enabling 4 lanes in Vivado 2019.2?


When synthesizing a design including the UHD-SDI GT IP with 4 lanes enabled in Vivado 2019.2, the following error is seen:

[Synth 8-448] named port connection 'intf_0_gt_common_sdm0data_in' does not exist for instance 'inst' of module '<modulename>' [<module name_uhdsdi_gt_0_0.v 485>]



This is a known issue for the UHD-SDI GT in Vivado 2019.2, where enabling 4 lanes causes a synthesis error.

  • 2019.2 - Users can download the latest UHD-SDI GT Patch from (Xilinx Answer 73173) to work around this issue.

This issue will be fixed in a future version.

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AR# 73203
Date 12/11/2019
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