AR# 73268

LogiCORE HDMI RX 1.4/2.0 Subsystem IP v3.1 (Rev 2), Software Driver v5.3 - Patch Download for HDMI Receiver Subsystem Software Driver v5.3 in 2019.1 release


This answer record contains patch updates for the LogiCORE HDMI Receiver Subsystem Software Driver v5.3 from the 2019.1 release.


Fixed Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 73267) Why is there no audio when AppleTV is playing a Dolby Atmos movie in LPCM format?


This patch is compatible with the 2019.1 release. It is no longer needed in 2020.1 and later versions.


For information on how to use the driver with the Xilinx SDK, see (Xilinx Answer 70599).


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AR# 73268
Date 07/15/2020
Status Active
Type General Article