AR# 73687


LogiCORE Video Processing Subsystem V2.2 - Why is the Scaler only configuration not working in 2019.2?


When VPSS is configured as Scaler only in the 2019.2 version it is not working with the Linux driver (baremetal drivers are working correctly).

If using an ILA, tready from the VPSS never gets asserted.


There is an issue with the DTG for the VPSS in scaler only mode where the correct option for the compatible string is not being added in the pl.dtsi ( it should be xlnx,v-vpss-scaler-2.2 ).

As a result the driver is not picking up the correct version.

This issue can be resolved by changing the following in the system-user.dtsi:

 hier_video_tpgs_hier_video_in3_v_proc_ss_0: v_proc_ss@b0100000 {

                                   clock-names = "aclk";
                                   clocks = <&misc_clk_3>;
                                   compatible = "xlnx,v-proc-ss-2.2";

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AR# 73687
Date 06/04/2020
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