AR# 7379


EXEMPLAR 1999.1x: How do I set a slow slew rate when 'Fast Output Buffers' is selected?


Keywords: Exemplar, slow, fast, slew, rate

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I set a slow slew rate when 'Fast Ouput Buffers' is selected?



Solution 1:

After 'optimize' type in the following commands in the command window:

remove_attribute -name FAST -port port_name
remove_attribute -name FAST -instance instance_name

Instance name is the name of the OBUF/OFD component. The name of the instance
can be found by:

'Tools' -> 'View Gate Level Schematic' ('View Technology Schematic' button on
the tool bar).

Select the 'Output' tab and hit the 'Write' button.


Solution 2:

If after viewing the 'Technology Schematic' and the instance name appears to be
an arbitrary Exemplar assigned name then:

1. Deselect the 'Fast Output Buffers' option.
2. Set the FAST attribute on all the ports that require a fast slew rate:

set_attribute -name FAST -port port_name
AR# 7379
Date 04/24/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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