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AR# 7417

4.2i Foundation - I encounter LMACS errors when I attempt to open a new project - "LMACS: The Record Manager or Requester is inactive"


Keywords: Foundation, XIE, LMACS, Requestor, Record Manager, inactive

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The following problem seems to occur at universities that are running Windows NT servers. The user sets up a floating license, installs the software, tries to open a project, and encounters the following types of errors:

"LMACS: The Record Manager or Requester is inactive"
"LMACS: The Record Manager or Requester is inactive - C:\TEMP\PROJ\LIBPROJ1.DIR"
"PCM: Cannot create working library c:\temp\proj1\lib\proj1."

When the user is logged on as an administrator, everything works normally.



These errors can occur when the Windows NT "Windows" directory permissions have been set to read-only for non-administrator users. In this case, Foundation is unable to write the hidden file "mkde.trn" to the Windows directory. The best solution is to change the "trnfile" setting in the BTI.INI file as described below.

The following changes will fix the problem:

1. Give permission to write in the file:

c:\winnt\bti.ini => write permission

and change the line:
"trnfile = C:\WINDOWS" to "trnfile = C:\TEMP"

2. Give permission to write in the file:

c:\winnt\aldec.ini =. write permission

and change the line:

3. Give permission to write in the files:

c:\winnt\Mkdemsg.log => write permission
c:\winnt\Mkdewe.trn => write permission

4. Give permission to write in the directory:

c:\fndtn\active and all subdirectories of active.

Users must have read/write access to the ALDEC.LOG file.

5. Change the permissions for the following registry key:


which can be done by following these steps:

- Go to Start -> Run, and enter "regedt32".
- Select "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\btrieve Technologies".
- Using the pull-down menu, select Security -> Permissions.
- Click on the Add button.
- Select "Domain Users" or the list of users you would like to give access to this key.
- Click "Add." The "Domain Users" should now be displayed.
- Click "OK".
- Select "Domain Users" from the top window, and select the "Full Control" box.
- Close "regedt32".


When you attempt to open a new HDL project:

If the previous solution did not work, make sure the license file is being pointed to correctly (check LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable).

This has solved the problem when the following errors are reported:

"LMACS: record manager or requester is inactive."
"LMACS: retrieve return status 20, design not loaded."
AR# 7417
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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