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LogiCORE PCI - Error: "XPCI CORE Generator Server transaction failed. Failure cause: 1097..."


General Description: 

When I download the PCI Core from the web, the following error is reported: 


"XPCI Core Generator Server transaction failed. Failure cause: 1097 URLConnection (to cgi-script) error: AppletSecurityException: security. Could not resolve IP for host See the trustProxy property.30 Please try again later or notify"


This error occurs if you are attempting to access the PCI Web CORE Generator from behind a corporate firewall. The Xilinx CORE Generator applet must establish a socket connection directly with the server at, and certain corporate firewalls block these types of connections.  


There are several ways to work around this problem: 


1. Verify with your system administrator that the firewall does not block socket connections. 


2. Access the PCI CORE Generator from another ISP that allows socket connections 


3. Contact Xilinx Customer support at:
Include your PCI Lounge user name, password, and the details regarding the core you wish to download and the firewall problems you are experiencing. The core will be generated and emailed to you.


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AR# 7436
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