AR# 7517


2.1i Documentation - How to read Docscan off the CD


Problem Description: It does not seem possible to read the 2.1i documentation off the CD-ROM.

On selecting Start -> Programs -> Xilinx Foundation Series/Xilinx Alliance -> Online documentation,

the web browser is invoked, but the files do not appear in the browser.


This problem can be overcome in the following manner.

1) Invoke an HTML browser window.

2) Invoke Windows Explorer.

3) Navigate to c:\fndtn\doc\usenglish for Foundation users, c:\xilinx\doc\usenglish for Alliance users.

4) Drag and drop the file "index.htm" into your HTML browser window.

The page which opens in the Browser window consists of a table with three columns.

The right most column of this table, tells you how to read the documentation off your CD-ROM.

Firstly ensure that the 2.1i documentation CD in in your CD_ROM drive, then in your HTML


Select File ->Open Page -> then type D:\index.htm

(where D is your CD-ROM drive.)

Other columns in this table explain how to print documentation, either from the CD or from the web.

It also explains how to read the documentation off the web.
AR# 7517
Date 12/13/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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