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2020.1.1 Vivado - Vivado 2020.1 Update 1 (2020.1.1) Release Notes and Known Issues


This answer record serves as the Vivado 2020.1 Tool Update 1 (2020.1.1) Release Notes, and contains links to information about what is included in the update.


Vivado Design Suite 2020.1 Update 1 is now available, with support for the following devices enabled:

  • Additional Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC devices enabled - XCZU46DR, XCZU47DR, XCZU48DR, XCZU49DR
  • Alveo devices U55N, U55C

For customers using these devices, Xilinx recommends installing Vivado 2020.1.1.

For other devices, please continue to use Vivado 2020.1.

Downloading and installing Vivado 2020.1 Update 1 (2020.1.1)

  • The update is available at:
  • It must be applied to an existing installation of 2020.1 (SW Build 2902540), and will bring the Vivado version to 2020.1.1.

Known Issues specific to Vivado 2020.1 Update 1 (2020.1.1)

(Xilinx Answer 75477) Vivado 2020.1.1 - Unable to Place BELs REFCLK0P,REFCLK0N at GTYE4_COMMON_X0Y8
  • For Vivado 2020.1 known issues see: (Xilinx Answer 75186)
  • For known issues related to a specific IP, please search the support site for "Known Issues" and the IP name.
AR# 75475
Date 08/12/2020
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