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XRT 2020.1 PU1 for Embedded Release Notes


The XRT 2020.1 PU1 for embedded devices shares the same code base as XRT for Alveo.

This article addresses whether a user should use XRT 2020.1 PU1 on embedded platforms, and if so, how to use it.

Please refer to the XRT 2020.1 PU1 release notes for the new features and known issues in this release.


Q: Should I use the XRT 2020.1 PU1 on embedded platforms?

A: XRT 2020.1 is the recommended version when working with Vitis 2020.1. Please consider using XRT 2020.1 PU1 on embedded platforms in the following cases:

  1. The Development environment on the host has XRT 2020.1 PU1 installed. The embedded platform should have the same version to run the XCLBIN.
  2. If you know that XRT 2020.1 PU1 will solve an issue you encounter.

Q: Are there any known issues or restrictions for XRT 2020.1 PU1 to work on embedded platforms?

A: XRT 2020.1 PU1 cannot be compiled together with the dnndkdeploy package in PetaLinux 2020.1.

This is because dnndkdeploy is distributed in sstatecache, but it depends on XRT 2020.1 in Yocto recipes.

If the XRT version changes, it triggers dnndkdeploy to be rebuilt and will lead to a source fetch error.

The work-around is to install XRT 2020.1 PU1 with a package feed.

For details on how to use a package feed to install XRT, please refer to

Q: How do I install the XRT 2020.1 PU1 for an embedded platform?

A: Please refer to the steps here:

Q: How can I install XRT 2020.1 PU1 for sysroot on a development machine?

A: sysroot is used to cross compile a host application on x86 for the ARM processor.

Please refer to for the sysroot_overlay usage to update XRT in sysroot.

Q: How can I install XRT 2020.1 PU1 for a development machine for Vitis?

A: Vitis uses xclbintuil in the XRT installation directory to generate the xclbin file for hardware configuration and metadata.

Please download the pre-built XRT RPM for x86 on the embedded platform download page and install it with "yum install" on RHEL/CentOS or the "apt install" command on Ubuntu.

AR# 75523
Date 09/24/2020
Status Active
Type Release Notes
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