AR# 7554


XPLA Professional - Calculating the estimated Icc for a CoolRunner design from a third-party *.jed file.


Keywords: XPLA Professional, CoolRunner, fitter, Icc, Idd, estimated, third,
JEDEC, .jed

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I calculate the estimated Icc from a JEDEC file created by a third-party
tool set, but targeted for a CoolRunner?


Once the JEDEC file has been created by the third- party tool set, follow these steps:

1. Take *.jed and copy it to a working directory and rename it "test_icc.jed" (for example).

2. Launch XPLA Professonal, select File -> New from the menu bar, and browse to this
working directory. Name the new file "test_icc.prj."

3. Select Source -> New File... from the menu bar.

4. Select "PHDL" and name the new file ""

5. Close the editor window to return to the main GUI.

6. Select the correct part that you are using, and set your design options
appropriately: Max PT's per equation, Node Collapse, etc.

7. Press Control, Alt, and Z simultaneously to reveal a hidden menu.

8. Press the "Extract" button. This will yeild a file named "test_icc.phj."

9. Rename "test_icc.phj" to ""

10. From the XPLA Designer GUI, press the Compile button.

11. From the XPLA Designer GUI, press the Fit button.

12. Follow the steps in (Xilinx Solution 7530) to calculate the Icc for this design.
AR# 7554
Date 10/03/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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