AR# 76088


XRT 2020.2 build version updated from 202020.2.8.726 to 202020.2.8.743 after initial release


XRT 2020.2 for Alveo has been updated from 202020.2.8.726 to 202020.2.8.743 after its initial release to the Xilinx download center.

The update includes one additional commit:


For new installs, please use the latest XRT provided from the Xilinx download center.

For servers containing Alveo cards with XRT 202020.2.8.726, functionality remains the same between what is already installed and 202020.2.8.743.

For servers containing Versal cards, the updated commit addresses an issue on Versal devices. Versal users should update to XRT 202020.2.8.743.

AR# 76088
Date 02/01/2021
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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