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Packaging - What is the difference between Fine Pitch (FG) and other Ball Grid (BG) packages?


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What is the difference between Virtex FG, FinePitch, and BGA Ball Grid packages?


FinePitch packaging for Virtex FPGAs

The new FinePitch ball grid arrays for the Virtex FPGAs feature a 1-millimeter pitch, as opposed to the 1.5- and 1.27-millimeter pitches of the conventional BGAs, and are gaining wide market acceptance. The Virtex series is the first Xilinx FPGA family to fully support these advanced FinePitch BGA packages. The FinePitch BGAs are available in 256-, 456-, 676-, and 680-ball arrays, require less than half the board space that BGAs from previous generations require, and offer up to 512 user I/Os. The Virtex series provides footprint compatibility within FinePitch BGA packages of different density devices.

The new FinePitch packages are designated the FG256, FG456, FG676, and FG680. They are available for all Virtex devices that offer from 100,000 to one million system gates.

In addition, Xilinx offers a new dimension of flexibility by supplying vertical pin-out compatibility between the FG456 and FG676 packages. This enables system designers to lay out one printed circuit board for different FinePitch BGA packages, significantly reducing design costs and cycle time.

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