AR# 7645


XPLA Professional - Version 3.31 ignores the pin assignments in a PAF file that was generated in the previous version.


Keywords: XPLA, CoolRunner, fitter, pin, assignment, version, PAF

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General Description:
Why does the fitter in XPLA Pro V3.31 ignore the pin assignments in the
PAF file that was generated in the previous version?


XPLA Professional Version 3.31 has transitioned the CoolRunner device part
numbers from Philips to Xilinx part numbers. This change will only affect designs
that meet the following criteria:

1. The design was created with a version of XPLA Professional prior to XPLA
Professional 3.31.

2. The pin assignment file (.paf) is used for assigning pins to the design.

If these conditions are true, then the pin assignment file must be modified before
the design can correctly be fit to a chip with the desired pin assignments. This is
because the pin assignment file contains a Philips part number at the beginning
of the file. The fitter will view the Philips part number and see that it doesn't match
the Xilinx part number in the device selection comment.

To correct the part number:

1. In XPLA Pro, open the Pin Editor. You will notice that the graphic reflects the
Xilinx part number for the device.

2. On the top menu bar, select Assignment -> Save. This will re-write your pin
assignment file (.paf) with the new Xilinx part number.

You are now ready to compile and fit your design. Remember to set Pin Pre-
assignment to KEEP and Pin Assignment Source to .PAF in the Properties window
to instruct the fitter to keep the pin assignments listed in the PAF file.
AR# 7645
Date 03/28/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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