AR# 7652


CPLD XPLA2- What are the configuration modes of XPLA2 devices?


Keywords: XPLA, CoolRunner, XPLA2, program, configure, methods

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I configure the XPLA2 devices?


The XPLA2 family supports the following configuration modes:

Master serial
Master parallel -up
Slave serial
Slave parallel
Synchronous peripheral

When the XPLA2 device is in either one of the master modes, it supplies the clock signal to
the memory storage device. In master parallel mode, the XPLA2 device supplies the address
as well.

In slave modes or the synchronous peripheral mode, the XPLA2 device does not supply a clock
or initiate the configuration; rather, it responds to configuration stimulus. Details and timing diagrams
for these configuration modes can be found in the data sheet for these devices at:

Of these modes, master serial is the most common configuration mode used.
AR# 7652
Date 10/03/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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