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AR# 7662

XPLA2 - How long does the XPLA2 configuration or download take?


Keywords: XPLA, CoolRunner, XPLA2, configure, program, time, size, speed, length, duration

How long does the XPLA2 configuration or download take?


The answer to this question varies with configuration modes and file sizes.

Worst-case configuration timing can be estimated using the maximum configuration file size and the slowest CCLK frequency in master serial mode. For both devices, the slowest CCLK frequency is 0.6 MHZ with a period of 1.67 microseconds. Each bit takes 1.67 microseconds to download. Therefore, for the XCR320, the worst case download time is (1.67 microseconds)*189,280 = 315 milliseconds. For the XCR960, the worst case download time is (1.67 microseconds)*565,600 = 943 milliseconds.

The same calculations can be used for master parallel, however, the download time will be 8 times faster since 8 bits of data are transferred on each clock instead of just one.

When the XPLA2 devices are in slave modes, the frequency of the supplied CCLK should be used in determining download times.
AR# 7662
Date 07/28/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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