AR# 76646


Versal ACAP CPM Mode for PCI Express (Vivado 2021.1) - ERROR: [BD 41-1075] Cannot assign slave segment '/versal_cips_0/NOC_CPM_PCIE_0.......


When the CPM4 is configured as Root Port, Vivado returns a [BD 41-1075] error as shown in the example below:

ERROR: [BD 41-1075] Cannot assign slave segment '/versal_cips_0/NOC_CPM_PCIE_0/pspmc_0_psv_cpm' into address space '/versal_cips_0/LPD_AXI_NOC_0' at address '0xFC00_0000 [ 16M ]'. Master segment '/versal_cips_0/LPD_AXI_NOC_0/SEG_versal_cips_0_pspmc_0_psv_cpm' is invalid. The proposed address '0xFC00_0000 [ 16M ]' must fit an available aperture through master interface '/versal_cips_0/LPD_AXI_NOC_0' into address space '/versal_cips_0/LPD_AXI_NOC_0'. Valid apertures are {<0x0000_0000 [ 2G ]>, <0x8_0000_0000 [ 32G ]>, <0xC0_0000_0000 [ 256G ]>, <0x100_0000_0000 [ 734G ]>, <0x200_0000_0000 [ 4G ]>, <0x201_0000_0000 [ 2044G ]>, <0x500_0000_0000 [ 1T ]>, <0x600_0000_0000 [ 1T ]>, <0x700_0000_0000 [ 1T ]>, <0x800_0000_0000 [ 8T ]>}.

Note: The above issue only applies to CPM4 and not to PL PCIE.


This is a known issue to be fixed in the next release of Vivado. See (Xilinx Answer 75350) for the latest status.

To work around the issue, set the cips.enableNocApertures parameter to 'false' in the Tcl terminal as shown below:

set_param cips.enableNocApertures false

Set the above parameter before generating the output products.

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07/19/2021 - Initial Release

AR# 76646
Date 07/19/2021
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