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2021.1.1 Vivado - Vivado ML Edition 2021.1 Update 1 (2021.1.1) Release Notes and Known Issues


This answer record serves as the Vivado ML Edition 2021.1 Update 1 (2021.1.1) Release Notes, and contains links to information about what is included in the update.


Vivado ML Edition 2021.1 Update 1 is now available, with support for the following devices enabled:

  • Artix UltraScale+ Devices:- XCAU25P

For customers using these devices, Xilinx recommends installing Vivado ML Edition 2021.1.1.

For other devices, please continue to use Vivado ML Edition 2021.1.

Downloading and installing Vivado ML Edition 2021.1 Update 1 (2021.1.1)

  • The update is available at:
  • It must be applied to an existing installation of 2021.1 (SW Build 3286242), and will bring the Vivado version to 2021.1.1.

Known Issues specific to Vivado ML Edition 2021.1 Update 1 (2021.1.1)

Currently no known Issues.

  • For Vivado ML Edition 2021.1 known issues see: (Xilinx Answer 76539)
  • For known issues related to a specific IP, please search the support site for "Known Issues" and the IP name.
AR# 76748
Date 08/03/2021
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