AR# 7778


XPLA Professional - Warning: wired or in net = <signalname>


Keywords: warning, wired, or, xpla, tri-state, CoolRunner, signalname

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
To what does the warning "wired or in net = <signalname>" refer?



This warning occurs when the user attempts to tie two signals together. Even
if the two signals are both tri-stated, this warning will occur. Two signals cannot
be tied together via tri-state internally because each macrocell has only one
tri-state buffer; this can either go directly to an output pad or back to the

A workaround would be to, instead of tri-stating the two signals, mux them
together using the tri-state select as the mux select.


Send the two tri-stated signals to two separate output pads, then tie the
two pins together externally.
AR# 7778
Date 09/06/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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