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AR# 7797

*Obsolete* max prom file size


Keywords: PROM File Formatter, size, PROM, large, device format

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After adding bit streams to my PROM Chain and splitting the stream into several devices, I encounter the following error:

"The size of your PROM is too large for the device format you have chosen."

(This is displayed following the Split PROM Wizard.)


This is due to PROM file format limitations. For a list of these limitations, please refer to (Xilinx Answer 1278).

If you look at your total daisy chain bits and divide that number by 8, this will give you the size of your daisy chain in bytes. You can then compare your chain with the maximum size allowed in the above-referenced solution (1278). The EXOR and HEX formats can support noticeably larger chain descriptions.


Device XCV1000E:

Configuration size = 6,587,520 bits => .823MB

Device XCV1600E:

Configuration size = 8,306,992 bits => 1.03MB

Knowing the MCS-86 format is limited to 1.1MB, then the XCV1600E is the largest single Virtex-E device allowed.
AR# 7797
Date 09/26/2005
Status Archive
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