AR# 7953


2.1i Lab Install: Service Pack update of lab install fails with installer\jre\nt\bin\java.exe


Keywords: 2.1i, Service Pack, install, fails, 93%, program location, java.exe, PC

Urgency: Standard

General Description: There have been two different instances that can
cause the Service Pack Update for the 2.1i tools to fail.

The first occurs when trying to run the SP on a lab install. When the
SP update is launched, an error is reported that it cannot find the

The second error can occur if a Foundation install was done, but the
Design Entry Tools were not installed. This will cause an error to occur
at 93% through the install, with an error message that states
Severe : Cannot find the program location



Lab Install:

For the lab install, the \installer directory is not copied to the host computer.
This was done to minimize the footprint placed on the computer, as typical
lab machines are resource limited. Therefore, to get around this, the entire
\installer directory tree should be copied to the $XILINX directory. This will
place the Java engine and associated files needed for the SP update.

If this install was done originally from a Foundation disc, running the install after
the above procedure will generate another error at 93%. If this is the case,
please see resolution 2. If the original install was from an Alliance disc, running
the install should successfully complete.


Error at 93% - Severe - Cannot find the program location

The SP download is identical for both Foundation and Alliance
users. When the installer is launched, a text file is read that
specifies which product is installed. If a Foundation install is
detected - all of the Alliance updates are installed plus the
Foundation design entry updates. This design entry update
happens at 93% of the install process. The first thing it does is
try to go out and locate, and then update, these files. However,
if either

1) The original install was a lab install
2) The original install did not include any of the design entry tools

the install will fail at this point because the design entry tools do not

This error can be ignored - if the problem occurred during one of the
mentioned situations. If the user wishes to eliminate this error, the
following is a work-around. This work-around informs the installer that
the design entry update is not needed - and to update only the
implementation portion of the tools.

In the root of the $XILINX directory, there is a text file called fileset.txt.
This is the text file that the installer reads. Make a backup of this file,
then simply open it up with a text editor, and search for any lines containing

Changing this line so it says:
will disable the design entry update, since it is not needed.

Save the file and re-run the update should allow for a successful installation
of the update.
AR# 7953
Date 08/22/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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