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AR# 7967

Virtex Readback Verify MultiLINX


Keywords: Hardware Debugger, Readback, Virtex, verify, MultiLINX

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I perform a Readback Verify on a Virtex device using a MultiLINX cable?



Since Readback Verify cannot be performed on a Virtex device in serial mode, the MultiLINX Cable must be used with SelectMAP. The Hardware Debugger checks the .ll file to see if the following line appears:

Info Readback=Used

This line needs to be added to the end of the .ll file before a Readback Verify is performed.


This is an alternate method of performing the same task:

The default settings of the M2_1i software will not automatically let you perform a SelectMAP Readback Verify.

How to prepare your design for a SelectMAP readback verify:

If you have not routed your design, in your top-level Verilog, top-level VHDL, or top-level schematic file, instantiate the CAPTURE_VIRTEX symbol and connect its pins to IPADs and IBUFs.

Next, after your design has finished placement and routing, copy your routed .ncd file to an empty directory, and run BitGen with the following options (where "design" is the name of your NCD file):

bitgen -l -m -g readback -g persist:yes design.ncd

NOTE: You can perform the same command-line options above in the Design Manager GUI, but you will need to use the "Customize Configuration Options" window to add the "-g persist;yes" option.

After you have rerun BitGen, you will have a .bit file, a .ll file, and a .msk file. Keep these files together in the same directory.

Now, connect the MultiLINX cable to your Virtex device, and start the Hardware Debugger. If you have done everything correctly, the "Download", "Download and Verify", and "Verify" buttons in the Hardware Debugger GUI will all be enabled when you create a new project in the Hardware Debugger.

If the "Download and Verify" and "Verify" buttons are not enabled, then the bit stream was not correctly prepared. Make the bit stream again, and ensure that the CAPTURE_VIRTEX symbol is in your design.

NOTE: If you plan to perform a SelectMAP Readback Verify in your own system, it is not necessary to have the CAPTURE_VIRTEX symbol in your design. If Hardware Debugger is used, it is necessary to place the CAPTURE_VIRTEX symbol in your design so that Hardware Debugger can detect that a SelectMAP Readback is desired.
AR# 7967
Date 09/30/2005
Status Archive
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