AR# 7993


2.1i FPGA Editor - When I try to delete a placed IOB, I get "Warning : FPGAEditor 140 - Nothing found to delete"


Keywords: FPGA Editor, 140, delete, placed, IOB, nothing, found

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I have selected a placed IOB and pressed the Delete button (it may be useful to delete IOBs in this manner when removing test probes from a design). However, FPGA Editor issues the following warning:

"Warning : FPGAEditor 140 - Nothing found to delete".


In order to delete the placed IOB, the placement property of the component will need to be changed from "hard" to "none". This can be done by the following:

1. Select the IOB
2. Go to Edit -> Properties of selected items
3. On the Physical Constraints tab, change the Requirement box from "hard" to "none".
4. Click "Apply", then "Close".
5. With the IOB still selected, press the Delete button.

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AR# 7993
Date 07/09/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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