AR# 8067


FPGA Express: Can not create chip - Unknown error


Keywords : Express, Synposys, HDL, Foundation

Urgency : Standard

General Description: When attempting to synthesize a project in Foundation Express, the above
error is encountered. When the same project is synthesized in standalone FPGA Express,
Express crashes and before any error messages can be read.


This behaviour occurs when FPGA Express encounters an error or coding situation it does not
know how to deal with. Examine your HDL code for inconsistencies, especially with hierarchy,
parameters, or generics.

Please send testcases that produce these errors to Xilinx (if you are a Foundation or Alliance customer)
or Synopsys (Alliance customers only) so these issues may be resolved.
AR# 8067
Date 08/30/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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