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Mentor - NGDBuild gives: ERROR:NgdHelpers:312 - logical block "I$1563/I$1/I$32" of type "vcc!1" is unexpanded (or "gnd!1")


I have a design that was created in pld_da originally using the A1.5i libraries. I am now using the 2.1i software, and NGDBuild is giving  

messages similar to the following: 


ERROR:NgdHelpers:312 - logical block "I$259/I$3" of type "vcc!1" is 


ERROR:NgdHelpers:312 - logical block "I$261/I$1" of type "gnd!1" is 



I am manually running ENWrite and NGDBuild.


In the A1.5i library the vcc and gnd symbol pin names were vcc and gnd, but now in 2.1i the pin names have changed to P and G. What might have happened is that the resulting EDIF file from ENWrite was created using a viewpoint from 1.5i, so the wrong pin names were written into the EDIF netlist. 


The schematic sheets that have any vcc or gnd components must be updated by doing the following from within pld_da: 


1. Right-mouse-click in the pld_da session window (the window behind the schematic if the schematic is opened). You might have to resize the schematic window, or minimize it. 


2. Choose the Update Design option. 


3. Either enter in the top-level name in the "Enter Top level design name" dialogue box, or use the Navigator button to select it. 


4. Click the "OK" button to proceed with updating the design. 


5. Check and save the updated design. 


6. Run pld_men2edif. This will create a new viewpoint and create the new EDIF file. 


7. NGDBuild should now finish without errors.


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