AR# 8114


Virtex V1000, V2000E BG560: Pin compatibility between V1000 and V2000E



V1000, V2000E, Vref, compatibility 





Are the V1000 BG560 and V2000E BG560 pin compatibile?


The V1000 BG560 and V2000E BG560 are compatible. 

The only difference is that the V2000E uses more Vref  

pins, so when migrating a design from V1000 to V2000E, 

make sure that the Vref pins for the V2000E are not being 

used (if the IO standard requires these pins).  

V2000E uses all of the Vref pins that V1000 has in the  

BG560 package, plus the following: 

Bank 0: A28, E18 

Bank 1: C8, C17 

Bank 2: F1, T3 

Bank 3: U1, AE1 

Bank 4: AN17, AL8 

Bank 5: AK25, AL18 

Bank 6: AE30, U33 

Bank 7: G32, T32

AR# 8114
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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