AR# 8116


Windows 95/98: Xilinx software GUI not coming up


Windows, GUI, Design Manager, Project Manager, Jtag

Urgency: Standard

On the Windows 95/98 platforms, Xilinx software
GUIs not coming up.


In the Autoexec.bat file, make sure that
1) XILINX variable is set as follows:
set XILINX=C:\<install_directory>
2) In the PATH variable, there should be an
entry for the Xilinx software path as follows:
set PATH=C:\$XILINX\bin\nt;%path%..
3) See if the TEMP and TMP variables are
pointing to a valid directory which is readable
and writeable, and the drive has over 50 MB of
free space.
set TEMP=C:\temp
set TMP=C:\temp

Reboot the machine. If the GUIs still don't come
up, move the TEMP, TMP, PATH and XILINX
variables up in the Autoexec.bat file, as they might
not be getting executed due to an error in the
autoexec.bat file syntax before it reads these
AR# 8116
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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