AR# 8151


2.1i COREGEN: Errors about components not being found when simulating myadder8_top.vhd example


Keywords: behavioral, simulation, error, Coregen, MTI, Modelsim, myadder8_top.vhd, user guide

Urgency: standard

General Description
When attempting to perform the behavioral simulation of the User Guide design example
myadder8_top.vhd on p. 4-38 of the 2.1i CORE Generator User Guide, you may get an
error from your simulator complaining that certain Coregen modules could not be found.


The design example myadder8_top.vhd is missing a "library XilinxCoreLib;" library
declaration statement .

Add the following line to your myadder8_top.vhd (or your source) file before your
VHDL configuration declaration to correct the problem, as shown in your .VHO

library XilinxCorelib;
AR# 8151
Date 08/01/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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