AR# 8188


2.1i Install: Unexpected error occured - couldn't convert MS registry value to java


Keywords: 2.1i, install, fails, setup.log, registry, java

Urgency: Standard

General Description: During the installation of 2.1i, the
installer fails with an error:
Unexpected error occurred
Looking in the setup.log file, the first error message is:

Win32NativeCodeException: couldn't convert MS
registry value to java error:


A problem has been found on some PCs where there is an entry
for the Environment in the Registry that is either of an invalid type
or is not correctly set. The install program does not recognize this
type, and fails.

The fix is to re-update the Registry. This can be done (on NT) by
going into the Control Panel, System, Environment tab.

In the System Variable section, there should be a PATH
variable listed. In the User Variable section, there should be
both TEMP and TMP variables. Typically, clicking on these
variables, and updating them should re-set the value
in the registry, and clear up the problem.

If the above does not work, and there is not a PATH variable
listed in the User section, then create one. Click on the Variable,
and type in PATH. Then click on the value, and type in %PATH%.

This should force another update of the registry, and correct the
AR# 8188
Date 08/22/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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