AR# 830


Hardware Debugger 6.0.1: Help will be disabled if the help file is located on a network drive.


If the XACTstep installation is located on a network drive, the Hardware
Debugger will be unable to load the help file "hwdebugr.hlp".


To access help from the Hardware Debugger, create a local XACT directory
with a sub-directory DATA. Copy the file "hwdebugr.hlp" from the network
XACT\DATA directory to the local XACT\DATA directory. Then, so that the
Hardware Debugger will know to locate the file locally, modify the XACT
environment variable to include the new local directory.

Example XACT setting:


Where E:\ is the network installation drive and C:\ is the local drive.
AR# 830
Date 11/10/2004
Status Archive
Type General Article
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