AR# 8320


2.1is3, HP-UX - ngdbuild core dump/crash when reading ngo file during translate (abnormally terminated)


keywords : hp-ux, core, dump, crash, ngdbuild, translate

urgency: standard

problem description:

when impementing a design on HP-UX, design causes ngdbuild to
core dump with out warning. In the log file, it may say that program
terminated abnormally.


The problem could be caused by missing the quotation mark and semi-colon
combination (";) at the end of a line in the ucf file.

For example, if the UCF file has a line like the following, it will mostlikely crash:

NET "crash/this" LOC="P31
^^ missing '";'

changing the above constraint to :

NET "crash/this" LOC="P31";

will fix the problem.
AR# 8320
Date 12/10/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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