AR# 8353


5.1i CORE Generator - How do I generate SelectRAM and Block RAM using CORE Generator?


General Description:

Which CORE Generator modules correspond to SelectRAM and Block RAM?



SelectRAM can be generated using the Distributed Memory module in the CORE Generator. The Distributed Memory module can be found under:

Storage and Memory Elements -> RAMs & ROMs -> Distributed Memory.

Block RAM:

Block RAM can be generated using the Dual-Port Block Memory or Single-Port Block Memory modules in CORE Generator. These modules are also available under:

Storage Elements & Memories -> RAMs & ROMs.

NOTE: Single-Port Block RAM and Dual-Port Block RAM v2_0 are only for use with the Virtex-II family; these cores were made obsolete in the 4.1i software. Instead, please use the v3_0 or newer versions of Block Memory.
AR# 8353
Date 07/28/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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