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4.1i CORE Generator, E_IP1 - Readme file for IP Update 1 for 4.1i on UNIX and PC platforms


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This answer record contains information on the 4.1i IP Update 1 Readme file.


Installation instructions:

1. Install the 4.1i Xilinx software. Before you can install the IP provided in this update, the 4.1i Xilinx ISE software must first be installed on your machine. Installing this version of the ISE software gives you access to the correct version of the CORE Generator application.

2. Download (PC) or 4x_ip_update1.tar.gz (UNIX) from For Windows, the Zip file can be unpacked using WinZip 7.0 SR-1 or later. For UNIX, some versions of UnZip may be used to unpack this Zip file, but certain known issues with this exist, as described in (Xilinx Answer 7711). For UNIX platforms, we recommend that you download the ".tar.gz" file and unpack it using the UNIX command line utilities "gunzip" and "tar" (not GNU tar). Note that the date stamp of the "/user/sbin/tar" command you use must be February 10, 1998 or later. This version of "tar" is usually supplied with Solaris operating system versions 2.6 or later. WinZip and GNU "tar" are not recommended for extracting the ".tar.gz" archive due to differences in the way they handle files with long path names. Please see (Xilinx Answer 11162) for more details.

3. Close the CORE Generator application if it is running.

4. Download the Zip file or tar.gz and save it to a temporary directory.

5. Extract the Zip file or tar.gz archive to the root directory of your Xilinx software installation. For PCs, the Xilinx software installation directory is typically located at C:\XILINX if the installation defaults were used. For UNIX, the Xilinx installation directory location is the value to which your setup script sets the "XILINX" variable. After sourcing your Xilinx setup script, type "echo $XILINX" to determine the location of your Xilinx installation.

6. Restart CORE Generator. During startup, CORE Generator will automatically detect that new IP has been added to your installation, and will give you an opportunity to specify which IP customizers ("cores") will be visible in your currently active CORE Generator project. You can choose to display only the latest versions for "All" cores in the catalog, update the catalog view to only add "New" cores to the display, or make a "Custom" selection of cores visible in the CORE Generator catalog display for your current project.

7. Determine whether the installation has succeeded by verifying that the new cores are visible in the CORE Generator GUI, such as "LFSR" in the "DSP/Building Blocks" folder.

For the release notes for IP Update 1 for 4.1i, please see (Xilinx Answer 12482).
AR# 8357
Date 10/09/2003
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